Voice Connector

Real-time voice communication over a local network

Voice Connector is an application for real-time voice communicating in local networks (LAN). An advanced and friendly user interface, a voice mail and a convenient text chat will make your work more easy.

There is no need to interrupt current application (or game) to talk to the friends or colleagues any more. You can easily choose the recipient and speak in real-time, not interrupting your game or other program even for a second. It is possible by means of new technologies QuickSwitch and OverlayMessage. ICQ-like user interface of the application makes you feel more comfortable.

Voice Connector can automatically scan the network to obtain the computer addresses and also lets you select the addresses from an address book. Other pleasing feature of the program is a voice mail, you can save all your conversations and play it later. It is particularly comfortable for business and education.

With the help of Voice Connector, you can also send text messages. Both voice connection and text chat can be used as in P2P (phone-to-phone or peer-to-peer) mode, so in broadcast mode (i.e you can talk to many people at once).

Voice Connector


Voice Connector 3.1